Law of Attraction Stories with Todd Acamesis

Law of Attraction Stories with Todd Acamesis (Transcription 19521 Words)

Todd: Manifestation is one of my favourite things to teach. I absolutely adore teaching out of body exploration, but manifestation is that thing that applies to us in everyday waking life. It’s an everyday thing that we’re doing. We’re manifesting constantly, whether it’s something fearful or something loving. So, Manifestation 101, Law of Attraction. 101. Whatever you think about, good or bad, it grows. You know, we’re all aware of this stuff, but usually we’re intellectualising it. Usually we’re making it far more complex than it needs to be. I loved when Ivana shared a couple of days ago about, it’s about love and play. I absolutely live by that when I’m on my synchronicity walks. Who’s been on a synchronicity walk with me? Really! Just one in this room.

Diana: No, we’re [unintelligible 00:01:10]

Todd: Oh, sorry Diana.


Audience: They’ve watched you on YouTube.

Audience: Yeah, we’re usually youtubing.

Todd: You’ve watched a few on YouTube.

Audience: Okay, cold that way.

Todd: [laughter]. You don’t get cold that way. [laughter]. You’re coming on the next one.

Audience: Yeah.

Todd: The one in the middle of January when it’s wet. I just call you and it’s just going to be you and me.


Audience: A done deal.

Todd: Done deal?

Audience: Yeah, done deal.


Todd: [Todd Dean]. Dean and Todd.

Audience: Are you a little junior-

Todd: When I was young, a 20 years old, and I went hitchhiking for the first time, and I had already had a somewhat of a grounding of manifestation before I went hitchhiking. I would have ideas and then things would manifest, but synchronicity was something that really became prominent, really present in my life at age 20 onwards when I went hitchhiking. It was like it wanted me to see transparently that there was a force of nature that was looking after me in a loving way. I would sit on the road. I remember the very first time I sat out on the road, it was in Tampa, Florida. I was on interstate 75 and it was heading north. I put out my put up my thumb, and I didn’t wait very long, m10 minutes, 20 years old. Had the world at my feet at that point. Didn’t have a passport, but I had ambition, and I thought, I’m just going to go. I’m going to go and find myself because I had screwed up a couple of relationships, made my stepfather really angry man. I thought I’m just going to leave and see if I can go and sort myself out, put my thumb up, about 10 minutes a guy pulls over, but he was speeding along on the motorway and he was maybe 50 yards ahead of me, so I was running with my bags and on the way there is like suddenly the fear mind comes up and the fear mind was like, what if he’s a mass murderer, and you’re running towards his car so willingly? I was like, “Oh shit, I never thought about that,” but I kept running anyhow. I got there and he literally got the driver’s side came over, opened the passenger side, he goes, “Throw your bags in,” and there was like one lone bag on the other side is like, suddenly the fear of mind again it was like, “That was the last hitchhiker’s bag.”

[laughter]. I was like, “Can you stop trying to the negative side, fuck off,” and I put my bags in. I got in the front seat and it was great actually. He was a long haul driver. So, he wasn’t just local traffic. He went all the way as far as, I think it was Alabama before we parted company, and we had a great conversation, really enjoyed it. I did a little stint as far over as to Arizona to Sedona, stayed there for a little while and then came home again, and that was like my first experience of a long hitchhiking trip, and that was thousands of miles, and there was a lot of amazing experiences that happened there including one day just sort of walking along the highway out in the middle of nowhere. This was like almost like country lanes, and there hadn’t been any traffic, and this guy literally lands assessing a plane on the road, and ask where I’m going. I was like, “What?” I said, I’m kind of just hitchhike and I’m not really going anywhere in particular. He goes, “Well that’s perfect. Get in,’ and he just gave me a short little lift to the airport, but it was just one of those moments I was like, “Why would somebody do that? Was it the backpack? What was it that made him think I’m going to make this guy’s day?” Yeah. It was probably just fun for him. Maybe it was just like, because he had the opportunity to do it, but yeah, it was really quite amazing. Anyhow, I made my way back to Florida at some point, hung out there for a few more months and then decided I’m going to hit the road again because it was like I was homesick the first time I came back to Florida and then again I thought, “Okay, I’m going on the road again, and I’m going to Alaska,” and I think it was February. I’m a Florida boy and I always have, Sky can confirm this, some of my son’s friends, Luke’s friends will come over to our house and they’re walking down the basement stairs and I’m standing at the door, and one of them the other day he was so cheeky, he was like, “I don’t have to look Todd. You’re wearing cutoff jean shorts,” and that’s how I grew up. I just always had cutoff jean shorts, my deck shoes, no socks, t shirt and because I’m a Florida boy, grew up in the heat, the two seasons, it’s hot and it’s hot. [laughter]. I grabbed the bag and I grabbed a jacket that I thought might come in handy since I’m going to Alaska. I’ve heard it snows up that way, and hitchhiking up there. I get to Michigan, which is the state right before the border to Canada and it did start getting a little bit colder than what I was expecting and I remember having my hitchhiking thumb out like this and it kept getting really close and it was like, “Oh my God,” and so I’d put it under here to warm it up and I do this, and I just think, “Oh God, could you really use some gloves,” and the guy pulls over and I’m just were exchanged pleasantries and I’m telling him about the hands are just frozen. It’s great. I’m just warming them up onto this dash a heater, and he goes, “I don’t worry about that, and he popped his glove box and out pop these really warm gloves. He goes, “You take those. Those are yours,” and it was just like– It was just instant generosity. There was no hesitation on his part. I was like, “Oh man, that’s so kind. Thank you so much,” and he dropped me off. He was local traffic. I get out and I was like, “Yay,” and put out my thumb, and I was like, “Oh my thumbs are so [tossy]. This is great. I can do this all day now,” and like five minutes later, I’m like, “My ears.” I can now feel my ears, [laughter]. They’re like, “Oh shit, so now I’m like, this and this and I’m just suddenly visualising this perfect hat, like this Russian furry thing that, what I’m talking about, the big fuzzy thing, and I’m just visualising that. I got my thumb out there like this, and the next guy, the very next guy picks me up. Get in the car, and I was telling him about the cold thumbs, and then the glass guy gave me his gloves, and then I got out of the car. I was like, all smug, like I’m set now for cold weather, and then I’d say, :My ears. I could feel my ears.” He was like, “Oh my God, yeah, he goes, “Ah,” and he just like that like, “Aah,” and he goes in the back and he pulls out this hat, looked like exactly the Russian hat I was visualising. He was like, “Take it, and I was like, “My God, what is this?” I was just, I’ve got my gloves, I got my hat and he was local traffic. He dropped me off, and I’m standing on the side of the road with this hat. My ears are warm and my thumbs are warm. I’m like, “What was that?” Like two cars in the road, one visualisation, got the gloves. One visualisation about the hand, got the gloves. I was like, that was so special, and I was like, “Jesus was my goto energy at the time. I was like, thank you Jesus.” I really grew up with Jesus and I love the idea of Jesus. I was like, “Thank you Jesus. Thank you for this day. Thank you for these gloves. Thank you for this hat. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” I’m standing there with my warm hand fingers, warm thumbs and my warm ears, and then I finally realised I was standing on frozen ground with tennis shoes, flat shoes. None of you are wearing something flat, like a deck shoe.

Audience: Like moccasins.

Todd: Kinda of like moccasins, but yeah, just a flat deck shoe. Like a tennis shoe. All stars. That’s what he was wearing all stars.

Audience: Converse.

Todd: Converse. Converse. I’m wearing converse, no socks. The cold is just going right through the shoe, right through my bones and I’m just like, now I’m like, hopping around and standing on one leg like a stork, and then I stand on the other leg, and the guy pulls over, and get in the car, and we’re driving and I’m telling them about the fingers and the thumbs and the years and the hat and the gloves. He’s just, “Oh, wow, that sounds a great story,” and he goes, “Where are you heading to?” I said, “Alaska,” and he goes, “You got to be kidding me, because with that little bag and you go! What do you got in that bag? Is it Kinda like magic bag? You got like a big furry coats,” and I was like, “No, this is all I’ve got,” and he goes, “What about boots and stuff?” I was like, he’s looking at my shoes, like, “Those aren’t going to cut it,” and literally we drive right into some snow now, and the snow is coming down and it’s almost like a blizzard and we get to the border between Michigan and Canada and he goes, “This is far as I can take you.” He’s like, “Good luck.” I step out of the car and my foot goes straight down into like snow about that deep and the snow goes right into my, my shoe, no socks. I’m like, “Welcome to Canada,” and so he said, “Look, there’s a youth hostel just down the road there. Why don’t you go check in there for the night?” Because it was starting to get dark. There’s no way I was going any further, and I said my goodbyes and I didn’t head straight there because I was like, I only had– I knew I only had $10 in my pocket. I knew the youth hostel would probably take most of that money, so I was hesitant, but I thought, I’ve been shown mercy, I’ve been shown kindness, I’ve been shown that like it says in the Bible is again referring back to my Bible days as a kid, “That if all the animals are looked after, why won’t we?” I thought that I thought, “Okay, I’m going to the youth hostel because where else am I going to sleep?” I went in and got checked in, met the manager, went sat down and I had a little bit of food with me and I was eating that, and he came up to, and he was curious, “Where were you heading to?” I said, “Alaska.” He was like, he looked at my shoes and he was like, “Are those the only shoes you’ve got?” I was like, “Yeah, that’s all I’ve got.” He was like, “You did see how much snow was out there. There’s going to be a lot more when you crossed the border tomorrow,”and I was like, “It’s all I’ve got. I haven’t really got enough money,” but I wasn’t like being a beggar. I wasn’t there down and out. It was like, “I’ll manage. Something, will come up,” and he goes, “Just wait here,” and he trundled off and he comes back a few minutes later with a brand new pair of boots. He goes, “I don’t know if these will fit you. Somebody basically handed them in like a week ago. Nobody’s claimed them. They’re like, brand new.” He goes, “If they fit, they’re yours,” and I was like, “Okay, please fit, please fit,” and I first put it up to my shoe and I was like, “That looks like a fit,” and I took off my shoe and put on it. It was a perfect fit. Brand new boots. 20 years old.

Audience: Socks?


Todd: Well, I have it all. I mean, come on. Sock, hat, boots.

Audience: Had pants?

Todd: [laughs]. I had pants. Although in America we call it pants, something different than in the UK. The next day I crossed the border and it was just torrential. It was like blizzard. I was like, “You know what? I’m going to do the smart thing now. I’m going to do the wise thing. I’m not going any further than this.” I thought I’m going to go back into the Lower 48 states. I’m going to just see where this goes and I’ll try again another season maybe. I did. I went back into the lower 48 states and I hitchhiked pretty much for the next few years and it was, I think two years into the hitchhiking journey before I attempted it again, and it was the different type of year. It was in the summertime where it would be the midnight sun, so it’d be a lot of sunlight for like 20, 22 hours, and even when the sun goes down, it’s still light on the horizon and it’s ambient light. So, I’m on my way and this– The whole time I’m hitchhiking for two years I had this electric razor, and I discovered very quickly that if I left it for a few days, three or four days a week maybe without taking a shower or a bath, I get into somebody’s car and they were like, before I get in there, like, “How far are you going?” I’m like, “Oh, I’m going to California,” and they’re like three states away, and they’re like, “Oh, great. I’m going that way too,” and I get in and after minutes they’re like, “Oh, I just got to, I just remembered I have to.”


I realized very quickly I needed to look after my body so, I would go into laundromats, like once a week and I would get my clothes washed and while I was there I would cheekily plugins to their electric supply and I would shave and I go in their bathroom and I would completely wash myself, and that was my routine. I kept myself nice and tidy, and I remember two years in my electric razor finally conked out. It was given to me by one of my older brothers and the electric razors that, even these days, a good one can cost $1,500 or $200 or more. Back then they were definitely, the low end was 2, $300 in America, and so I didn’t have the money for that. It broke, and I thought, “Okay, I’m no good at the dry or the wet shaving, it just doesn’t work for me. I always tear myself up.” So, I thought I’m just going to let it grow. Most of you will know, men or women, when you let hair grow long that it starts getting to that in between the itchy point, especially like here on the neck, and it was constantly this cause an itching. This one guy picked me up, a couple of weeks into this routine and we’re driving along for quite a distance. We even– I know we went over– I’m sure we spent more than a day with each other and looking back on it. Finally, when he came to the crossroads where he was going this way and I was going that way, he like minutes before we get out of the car he finally asked. He goes, “Why don’t-” He said, “Why don’t you just shave. I see your discomfort there,” and I explained the electric razors story to him and I said, “I’ve been using electric razor for two years. My brother gave it to me. I broke down, I don’t really have that money. I’m just started just grow a beard because of the wet shaving issue and he’s like, “Oh, okay,” and poses the car, started saying goodbye. He goes, “Wait a second. Wait a second,” and he goes, “Come to the back of the car. Come to the back of the car.” To the trunk, the booth. I was like, “He wants me to come to the boot.” I was like, “This is the axe murderer. This is the mass murder,” and saw me out, “Come to the back of the car,” and I’m like, just standing a little bit ways back because I’m just– I’m going to be ready, and he unlocks the trunk pops open. I kid you not. They were like for boxed brand new electric razors. Brand new box electric razors, and I was just, “Ah,” and he was like, “Just take one,” and I was like, “Why do you have for bucks grazers in the back of your car?” He’s like, “I’m a salesman, and this is the company I worked for, and it’s your lucky day,” and I was like, “This ain’t luck. This is a blessing. This is a blessing from above.” This was complete synchronicity and that kind of stuff was now regularly happening to me on the road. I literally learned at that young age that my default mode became gratitude. Every day I was– Anything that happened, the smallest thing, I was thankful. At the end of each day as I laid my head down, that was the last thing. I was always finding shelter one way or the other. Somebody would say, “Here, sleep on my sofa.” The last person that has given me a ride, “Sleep on my sofa tonight.” “Thank you. Great.” I’ve got a whole a mansion. You can stay in the West Wing. I was like, “Oh, great. Okay. West Wings is mine and, or you know, I would find some kids tree fold and I would sleep there with a sleeping bag, but I was always taking care of it. As I laid my head down, I’d go to Jesus, and I thank, “Jesus, thank you for this day. Thank you for this food. The water, the shelter, clothing for everything. Thank you for the kind strangers. Thank you for the lifts,” and my heart was just full of gratitude. How do you think that set me up for the next day? Going to sleep that way, instead of going to sleep with your mind in a bit of a muddle. Maybe where we have these moments of, at work, difficult moments. We get angry. We’re obsessing about the past. We’re stressed and anxious about the future. That wasn’t my reality. My reality was pure gratitude and those were my last thoughts for the day. I remember on one morning I woke up the next morning, immediately I was back on the road, there was the ramp going up to the freeway, the highway, the motor way, and this hitchhiker was just coming off the ramp and he was like, “Man, don’t even bother. There’s plenty of traffic but none of these assholes are picking anybody up.” He’s, “I have been standing out here for hours now,” and I was like, “I’m really sorry to hear that,” and he walked off, and I walked out, and I put my bag down, and the moment I my bag down, this guy goes, “Ugh,” and I look back, and you could see the other hitchhiker. He was like, couple hundred meters away. He was like, “Bastard! That was mine.”

[laughter]. I was like, “I got a car. Go.”

[laughter]. I didn’t do that, but, it was just one of those moments where it was like, later on in life I was at this motivational talk, and one of the speakers got up and he told this story about these riders that came to the top of this mountain pass, and he said at the top of the mountain pass was a monastery where there was a monk tending the garden out at the front, and he said the first rider came up on a horse, got to the top of the mountain pass, and there was a village that he was going to down below, and he was coming from the village on the other side of the past, on the other side of the mountain, and he said to the monk, he said, “Monk, fetch my horse some water. Fetch my horse some. He needs some water.” The monk came, got the water, watered the horse, gave the man some water, and the man said, “What are the people like in that village down there,” and the monk said, “What were the people like in the village you just came from?” He said, “They were horrible lot. Hey, take the shirt right off your back.” The monk said, “I think you’re going to find people in the village down below are just like that,” and so the rider went on, and the next rider came, and he stopped, and the monk came up ,and the horseman was like, “Oh, dear son. Oh, thank goodness you’re here. Would you mind? Would you be so kind as to offer a rider and his horse, some refreshment,” and the monk he was, “Of course. Of course.” He ran off and brought the water back and the rider said, “Dear sir, would you mind offering just a little bit more information. The village down below, what are the people like?” The monk said, “What were the people like in the village you just came from? He said, “Oh, they were the kind, hardest people you could ever imagine. They would give you the shirt off their back, and then monk was like, “You’ll find people in this village are exactly like that.” Do you get it? It was like that for me on the road, and it was like that for that hitchhiker. He was frustrated. He was in that energy of now anger, blame, judging everybody, he’s like, “So what if I look dirty and I got a long beard and I look like Charles Manson pick me up.” He’s just like, and then here comes this all American boy clean shaven,

[laughter] with my new razor.

Audience: You look very decent.

Todd: Clothes are nice.

Audience: Warm ears.

Todd: Form fitting.

Audience: Warm ears. Big smile.


Todd: Big smile and I put on an act for him. I always had like oxide zinc color for my nose, like green, bright green, fluorescent, whatever. I want you to just to protect my nose from burning. I had like a clown nose almost and I would stand there sometimes and just juggle three balls because, I just like to juggle.

Audience: You still like to juggle.

Todd: I still love to juggle, and I just– Would you pick that person up versus a person that was just, you could just sometimes feel the energy of people, can you not?

Audience: I don’t know, a clown. That’s


Todd: That was a lovely clown.

Audience: Jacket, Walter jacket.

Audience: It could be the secret that the speaker says gratitude is a way to bring more into your life.

Todd: Yeah, and it is. This whole hitchhiking journey was just filled with these experiences, and I remember finally I’m now in Washington state, and I’m making my second attempt to get to Alaska. Again, I didn’t have much money in my pocket, so I thought, “Okay, on this occasion when I go across the border, I’m going to cross the border illegally, because I then learned by that time that when they cross the border– If anybody picks you up at the time, I think the people really felt. I don’t know if it was a law, but I remember a couple of Canadians pick me up and saying, if we pick up a hitchhiker, we’re responsible for you, and so we drop you off. I’m thinking, I’m just going across the border because the border guards might ask me if I have money and if they figured out I don’t, they’ll probably just say, “Look, you’re not coming through Canada.” and so, I thought, “Okay, fine. I’m going to cross the border illegally, and I couldn’t have been maybe 100 miles away from Seattle where I was then going to figure it out how he’s going to cross. I got up one day and I’m walking along the high way and I thought, “I really want to gather my energy about this. I really want to know what I’m going to do,” and so, there was a verge, a ditch that went down and I thought, “It’s so easy to get a ride. I’m just going to go down here and I’m going to walk for maybe a couple miles. I’m going to just really figure this out. I’m walking down in this ditch and maybe you could see my head’s bobbing along from the road and this guy almost plows down this verge, and he pulls over and he literally opened up, jumps and he goes, “You, sir, gentleman, would you mind driving?” I was like, “What?” I was like, “I’m just having a walk. I don’t need a lift,” he sounds like, “But I need you. I’ve been driving all nights. I’m about to fall asleep. I don’t care if you have a license. Can you drive?” I was like, “I do have a license. I can’t drive,” and he goes, “Please,” I was like, “Okay, I’ll drive.” I get in and he was like, “Ngrr!” Tells me where we’re going, and he goes, “Just drive,” and he’s waking up and he’s on and off. He was waking up and he was like, “Where are you headed?” I said, “Alaska.” He goes, “Oh, that’s amazing. I’m heading to Alaska.” He goes, “But I’m not driving all the way there, I’m flying there. I’ve got my twin engine plane, I can fly you there.” I was like, “That’s amazing.”

[laughter]. This guy has become like my best friend. He goes, I’m not going directly there. It’ll be a couple of weeks. So my mom and dad have this big house, you know, you’re more than welcome there. Just kick about, and I was already. I was like, it’s always really impetuous. I always in the mood to go and do stuff and I hadn’t few patients. He goes, “Let’s just pull over to the airport, the little municipal airport, and he goes, ‘I’m just going to check the plane and then we’ll go to my mom and dad’s house. I go, “That’s great.” We get to the plane. We park up and he starts pulling bird’s nest out of the engines, and he was like, “Oh, I haven’t flown in a while, but it’ll be carried. I’ll get my mechanic to check it over.” I was like, “I ain’t going in that plane,” and we get to his mom and dad’s, and he goes, “Okay. Here’s food. Here’s your room, and I slept. In the morning I wake up and I said, “Look, I really appreciate your kindness, but I’m really– I’ve got my mindset to leave today. Really no, I need to go today.” He said, give me your information or somewhere to meet you in Alaska because I was going to Juneau, and that’s where he was going, which is the capital of Alaska, and he goes, “I’ll meet you there, and I said, “Okay, great. So, we decided this.” He goes, “I’ll give you a ride down to the border area,” and we’re driving, and he was just like, “This just isn’t right,” and I was like, “What do you mean?” He goes, “You know, you’re planning to cross the border illegally.” He goes, “I just don’t feel good about that,” and I was like, “Hello, it’s my journey,” and I’m not quite the saying a thing, but he’s like, “I’m really concerned for you.” I’m like, “I’m okay, I promise I can do this. I’ve done things like this,” and he goes, “I know, I know, but I’m going to be thinking about you all day long, and I just, I’m worrying.” I’m like, “We don’t need to worry. Just throwing me off,” and he was like, “Trust me, just trust me,” and I was like, “Okay, I trust you,” and we drive down into the port area of Seattle and all of a sudden these huge cruise ships come into view, and we parked and he goes, “Follow me,” and we go up to the ticket office for one of these massive ferry ships, but these ferry shifts are like, they’re cruise ships there. They’re huge things, and he goes up to the ticket counter. He goes, how much for foot passage? It was like a four day journey through Prince William Sound, “These beautiful landscapes up to Juneau, Alaska. The guy behind the counter said, “$400,” and this guy got his wallet out. No hesitation. One, two, three, $400, and I was just like– By that time I learned not to look the gift horse thing in the mouth. I had no issue with accepting a stranger’s kindness by that stage, and I was just– I would just go into full gratitude. I would assess the situation, but it would be quick. I knew the guy had money, I knew the parents had money. I knew he could afford it, and I knew he wanted to do it. There was no way I was going to say no. I was like, “That is so kind. I am really grateful. I will definitely see you in Alaska. You know, this is so generous,” and I mean I was just overwhelmed by his kindness. We said our goodbyes. I got on the boat and the people that I met on the boat going up to Juneau, they were all filled with wanderlust like me. Every single one of them. We all had our great synchronicity stories. People were flying into Seattle. See, people were taking the bus. One guy all the way from New Zealand’s, and we were just all these characters, all these multidimensional types, and it was just all the black sheep of their families on this boat go into Juneau, Alaska, and it was like the crowning glory of my entire hitchhiking trip. Three years and still did almost another year after I came back from Alaska, but it was one of my profound experiences because all of that stuff that led up to it. All of those teachings where reality is constantly showing me this reality of fear or love, and I was in the love vibe most of the time when I was on that trip. There were moments where there was some darkness. There were moments where I was having a few bad days, but because of everything I was learning, I knew how to pick myself up. I knew how to self sooth. I knew that I wasn’t being looked after. I thought about my early days of a kid where I met my guides. I met blue, my high God. I met the tweedle twins. I knew somebody was there. I knew they were the ones synchronising the lift with the guy with the razor. I knew they were the ones probably synchronised all this stuff.

Synchronicity. Literally became an everyday experience for me. Eventually I came to London, England. Synchronicity wouldn’t stop. I was out my final hitchhiking trip. I’d come back from Alaska. I’ve been hitchhiking in the lower 48 states for a bit of time again. I was coming from Colorado and I was thinking about heading back to Florida because I hadn’t seen my mom in a while. I thought I’d go and visit her, and as I was coming from Colorado, got dropped off somewhere in New Mexico out in the middle of nowhere, and it was getting dusk, and there just weren’t many rides. Many people driving by, and suddenly this convoy of trucks come from the west, and they’re going East and they’ve all got their headlights on because it’s now getting a little bit darker, and as they get closer and closer I could tell there was sign writing on the side of these trucks, and the first one went by and I was like, and then the next one is like, the third one is the inner child was like, “Pick me up. Pick me up. Pick me up,” because it was the circus. It was a traveling circus. I was like, “Please pick me up. Please pick me up. Please pick me up,” and they were like– We’re almost like, “Please pick me up. Please pick me up,” and the final one. They all went and seeing them disappearing into the East. I was like– And then I look around and coming from the West one more truck. I was like “Dog in my boots,” and I was like, “Okay, come on guys.”

[laughter]. I just visualised this guy pulling over and me getting in the cab and us greeting each other. I’ve perfectly visualised it, and he goes, “Meow,” and I was like “Haar,”

[laughter] and about maybe 100 meters. He goes, “Aargh,” pulls in, and I was like, “Oh,” I picked up my bag cause then I ran, I thought, he’s not going to be one of those jerks were you get right to the car, and he pulls away like, where did that come from?

[laughter]. I got there. I opened the door. I throw my bags up in this tall rig and I poked my head in. He goes, “Get on in.” He’s like, “Where are you heading?” I said, “I’m headed to Florida,” and he goes,”Well, we’re heading to Texas. Tyler, Texas, and one of my hitchhiking names was Tyler McKenzie. I had a couple aliases and that was one of them, and it was like, “Oh, that’s cool. That’s one of my aliases. I’ll get in.” We’re driving along and he’s like, “Are you in a rush to get to Florida?” He’s like, “Not really,” and he’s like, “Well, I work with the circus. I’ve got a couple, you know, the stuff in the back is all mine. The truck’s is mine. We all band together. We go places and I’ve got a couple of kitty, sort of gaming stuff,” and he goes, “I’ve got one where we set up like a tent. It’s all open. It’s like a gazebo, the lodge gazebo thing and we put up these counter spaces where people stand on the perimeter. I’ve put up these small catapults and we get these rubber frogs, and we put on the catapults and we got these mallets for the kids, and in the middle there’s this pond, and we fill it with water and it’s all electric, and then lily pads are floating around. If they land a frog on the lily pad, then they went up prize,” and I was like, “That sounds awesome.” He was like, “If you can run that booth for me, I’ll run the other one because I lost my last guy,” and he goes, “You run that booth, I’ll run this other one, and I’ll give you 25% of all the takings.” I was like, “Man, that sounds great, 25%, like, “Damn,” we got to Tyler, Texas and we set up and it was hard work setting up all this stuff. We had to set up the boat that was two stands and he goes, “You can sleep in the back of the truck,” and I was like, “Dang, yeah, let see if the fact that the truck save some money there,” and got up the next morning, went to work. The crowd came in and he’s like, “You got to work them a little bit, but you’ll get the idea.” People walking by and nobody’s stopping, and then I start talking to people, “Hello,” and tipping my hat because I’m wearing a baseball hat of course, and eventually a couple of people come, the kids come and a couple of people were playing, and by the end of the day I think I made him something like $100, and he was happy with that. He was actually really happy with that. He goes, here’s your $25 dollars, you can sleep in the back of the truck, and I’m like, saving money, I got $25. All is good, and next night come, next day come, and evening and the crowds come in and I’m learning to work the crowd’s a little bit better, and that night I think I took him something like 200 bucks, and he comes in and he’s really happy. He’s like, “Here’s your $50,” I was like, “$50, sleep in the back of the truck. Dang! All is good.”

[laughter]. The next day comes and he’s like, I think our final night there in that city, and I really learned how to work the crowd, and I made him something like $500. He was like, “Dang, that’s really good.” He goes, “For somebody new,” he goes, “That’s great.” He goes, “Here’s your money.” $125, whatever it was. I was like, “Man, I’m rich, because I never had that much money. His like, I was like, “Wow, holy crap,” and we pick up. We leave Tyler, Texas. We go to another city in Texas, and again, hard work, breaking it down. Hard work, setting it up again, and now I’m familiar with what I need to do. The night comes when I’ve banked two grand for this guy, $2,000 because I really learned to create like a feeding frenzy like sharks– These kids and the parents, like, “Go! Go! Get in there.” I’m like, “Can’t get in there and try that catapult that frog thing,” I was like, “Yeah, you come on in,” and then teddy bears are going and people are waiting stuff, and more people coming. You know what it’s like, sometimes you’re at a craft fair in their crafts, just aren’t flying off the shelf, and then suddenly you got a little bit of a interest and then somebody else comes in, there’s a little bit of a concert and everybody wants a pink hair brush, just like, “What are you going to do with that? That’s how it goes. So, I showed the guy that money was like, “Holy Shit!” He goes, “There’s $500 for you,” and I was like, “Dang right.”

[laughter]. Gives me my money and I go sit in the back of the truck and all the other circus folk have gone to their places where they sleep and I’m sitting on the back of the truck with all those water money and from the other places and I’m like, all this– I was like, “Oh man,” couldn’t stop looking at it in my pocket, and then suddenly the seriousness comes in, because out of the boat, out of the blue, I had this thought and I knew it was a guide and it was like, it’s time to leave Tyler, and it was like, “No, no, no, no, no, no, there must be a mistake. This is home now. I’m part of the circus.”

[laughter]. “Every kid’s dream.” It was like, “It’s time to go,” and it was really clear, and I’d learned to trust that voice. I’d really deeply learned to trust that voice. I was like, “Man, oh,” but okay, and I thought, “Okay, I’m going to barter with this guy. I’m going to bargain with,” and I was like, “Okay, I got an idea.” I got my pack of cards out because I’m always playing solitaire places when I’ve got a bit of time and I thought, “Okay, I’m going to shuffle the deck,” and I said, “If I pull out one particular card, I’ll hit the road tomorrow,” and I was like, “It’s stacked in my favor.” I was like 9. There’s only four 9s and then there’s 48 of the other sounds like, “Ah, I’ve got this going,” and I shuffle and shuffle and shuffle and pull the card, smug, it was a 9, I was like, “Don’t,” and I was like, “I’m going to stay true to this.” I even tried to have like a get out of jail free card and it’s like, “No, confirmed you’re going,” and so it come morning time. I said to the guy, my manager is like, “I have really loved working with you and this has been great fun, and I really appreciate all your kindness. Let me sleep in the truck.” He was like, “Why do you need to go?” I was like, it’s Florida, and he was like, “Oh yeah, of course, of course,” and we said our goodbyes and I went out on the highway and hitchhiked and I got all the way to Florida, which was over a thousand miles I guess from Texas, and suddenly I thought or had another download and it was like, “You need to go. You need to go out of American. Now you know it. You know where it goes. Do you know all about it? You’ve done most of the states,” and it’s like, that feels good actually. I went home to see my step dad and my mom and I owed my step dad a bit of money. I paid him some money. One of my best friends that live locally took me down to the local travel agents because I was dead set now. I went into the travel agents and I said to him, “I’d like to go to an English speaking country. So, I had choices, there was England, Australia, New Zealand, and I thought, “Okay England,” because that was one of the cheapest fares, and so I said to her, I said, “I’d like to travel on the 16th of October,” and it was only like the maybe the 7th of October or something like that, and she came back, paid for my ticket, gave me the ticket. I still hadn’t had a passport yet, but I knew my old two other brothers lived in Washington DC and that was on the way to New York where I was going to fly from. I thought I’ll save myself a little bit of travel journey because I know how to hitchhike. So, I went to Washington DC, got my passport, stayed with my brothers a few days, left my just self enough time to get to New York City. Got to New York City, was at the airport. By the time I got to the airport, in the airport I was flat broke again . After paying my step dad back, getting the passport, some other bits and pieces, I had no more money again, and I think I had like ten cents. I was just convinced everything would be fine, so I’m at the airport and I woke up that morning with this strong feeling that I was going to meet somebody important on the plane, and I’m playing solitaire, and these two women walk by everybody’s filing in, and these two women walk by and one of them was redhead and was like, “Oh, it’s got to be the red head.”


Skylar wasn’t even born yet. She’s on the Asheville, still and-

Audience: With the angels.

Todd: With the angels who were looking after her like Sky, and I got on board the flight, no money, didn’t even have a bag download, just have my backpack, put it up in the whole area, and the redhead was coming on, with her friend, Brunette, and the redhead sat right behind me. “This is fate, this is fate.” and the Brunette sat right across the aisle from me, and I was like, “This is definitely fate,” and right as they were about to close the door, they came with a Tan away and were like, we need somebody to get off the flight. We’re fully booked, and we’ve got somebody that needs to get on this flight, will give you a $400 travel voucher and an upgrade to first class on the next flight, and I was like, “Bingo, straight there. Nobody got there before me. I was pushing the ladies out of the way.”

[laughter]. I didn’t do that. That’s an embellishment. I didn’t– She fell on her own and


Audience: [unintelligible 00:37:33]

Todd: Bad Karma and I got to the front. It couldn’t have been about less than a minute, and I got up there and they’re like, “Oh sorry, we don’t actually need the space now.” I was like, tail between legs, went and sat down, and going back to the travel agent. After she gave me my ticket, and it was on my way to, it was all a whole state away, maybe Georgia. I looked at the ticket and it says the 16th, it said the 18th. It was a little bit annoyed by that, that she forgot and she added two more days on that. So, I just came to terms with it. I’m now traveling on the 18th among on the plane and I can’t get off and get my $400 travel voucher and first class, and so I’m there and I’m just, “Thank you. Anyhow, universe. I’m really grateful for all this,” and it wasn’t the last, I think it was the last 15 minutes of the fly where the Brunette who was sitting across from me. I was trying to check out Ireland, because it was so green and it was like, “Oh my God, look at that.” She was like, “Would you like to change seats?” I was like, “I love that. Thank you.” Swapped seats, because she was British and she’d seen at all and I said, “My God that is so green. I couldn’t get over it,” and she goes, “Where are you coming from? Where are you going?” We got talking and she goes, “I went hitchhiking for the last couple of years.” Backpacking actually she said to like Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, all these places. She goes, “Do you know anybody in England, in London?” I said, “No, I don’t know anybody. She was like, “Give me your– I’ll give you my number or whatever,” she goes, and I got out my little black book and she wrote her details. She wrote her name, her phone number, and her full address, and it was a place called North Harrow, which is in London. It’s like a little village area in greater London, and got off the plane, said goodbye to them both and she said, “Just call if you need a place to stay because my mom and dad. I stay with them and they would totally understand because all the strangers that welcome me when I was backpacking and they totally understand.” I was like, “That’s great,” so I thought I’m just going to hitchhiking. I went hitchhiking. I was like two weeks on the road through England, got to Bristol after a couple of weeks. Went into the youth hostel, checked myself in. I was in the lounge and I met this French girl, and she was telling me about her travels. I was telling you her about mine and she said, “Where are you heading after this?” I said, “Back to London, probably go to one based in London at the moment,” and she goes, “Let me give you my details,” and no mobile phones at that time, so it’s all landline numbers and addresses, and I took out my black book and it turned to the same page. I didn’t purposely do it. Turn to the same page as the other woman, put her details and this French woman wrote in all our details and I looked at it. It was North Harrow again. I was like, “Oh, that must be a big part of London. This North Harrow,” and eventually, I got back to London and I called the first woman and she said, “Yeah, yeah, I’ve already told my mom and dad that you might be coming, you might be calling. They’ve got a room ready for you,” and I went over to hers and I got to North Harrow, and it’s this tiny little part of London, and London is like massive. It was like .1% of London, tiny little place. I did think a little about that. That’s pretty amazing in itself that, you know, coincidence of these, both these people being from here. Anyhow, I was there with this woman and her family for about a week and then her and I started really getting on well and then we got on really well, and then [whispers].


Audience: I knew you weren’t when they met honey, it’s okay.

Todd: I know. I know. I was a virgin. I was three years when I was hitchhiking. I was celibate for three years, and up until that moment I was still celibate actually, and so we were getting on really well.

Audience: By choice?

Todd: By choice, by choice.

Audience: Okay.

Todd: Come on

Audience: You did out that guy and then power about and then like-


Todd: Bow wow you know.
[laughter]. we’re getting on really well. We decided we’re going to go to the local shopping center one day and she goes, I’ll take you to Brent Cross and we’ll have a look at this mall or shopping or whatever you call it in England, and we’re leaving the door and her father runs out and he has like this container business, plastic containers,. He sells containers and he goes, “There’s a local company just down the road, you two, can you take these samples to them?” And we’re like, “Of course.” We pile into the car. We get to what we think is the correct address. The woman gets out, she goes in with containers, comes back out because no, it’s not them and it’s like a little industrial estates, so it’s easy to get confused, and we went to the next building. She went in and came back out and she’s like, it’s not them. Got to the third building on this estate. I said, “Oh, give me the containers. Let me go in.” Went in, on a Saturday, they were open behind the reception desk was the French girl, behind the reception desk, was this French girl. You think if I would let this woman go in a third time, I’d never seen the French girl. If she would’ve got the address right the first time. I’d never seen the French girl, and then it hit me. I just suddenly– I remember I was just in a day, a real days, I went back to the car and I sat down and this woman was looking at me and he’s just looking at my face and was like, she’s like, “Are you okay?” I said, “Yeah. She goes, “You were in there a bit of a while,” and she’s just looking at my face and like said, “Okay, she couldn’t get a lipstick all over your face, because it’s French girl was like, “Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!” I was like, “Oh, like it’s not what you think. It was like I have a couple of weeks in Bristol and met this French girl and she gave her a numbers, she’s like, “What?”

Audience: I know what you think.

Todd: I know what you think. It’s like, no, but then the gravity was really hitting me. Originally I was meant to– I wanted to travel on the 16th. I was really, that was my plan, and the somehow the estate, the travel agent got the 18. If I would have traveled on the 16th, I wouldn’t have met the woman that eventually became my wife and the mother of my three children, including Luke, and I thought about this. I thought, what if I would have traveled on the 16th? I wouldn’t have met my future wife on that flights.

Audience: Which one of the two?

Todd: That was the first woman I met her, and then I thought I would have probably still gone to Bristol though, and I would probably still met the French girl. I’d probably come back towards the lawn and looked her up, maybe even been bopping around North Harrow, this tiny little village and bumped into my future wife as a backup. The French girl was like the backup plan, not she wasn’t my backup plan. So my wife, it was still the same woman, but she was like the redundancy, the synchronicity, redundancy built in. Just in case, like on [Sat nav], we’re driving along, we’ve got it already calculated our destination. We make the wrong turn. It re-calibrates. It says, next left. The French girl was my next left. Does that make sense?

Audience: [crosstalk]. The adjustment bureau.

Todd: Yes. I love the adjustment bureau.

Audience: Which one?

Todd: It’s called the adjustment bureau. So this kind of stuff was always happening to me, and from that age, I just grew up with it. I want to give you some things. I want to give you a couple ideas of things that I feel I was really benefiting from without it being taught to me by a teacher. It was being taught to me by direct experiences. This-

Audience: So, this is the law of attraction?

Todd: Yeah. I love the law of attraction too. I think the law of attraction, the secret as an example with Rhonda Byrne’s. Yeah. I think she gets such a bad rap from the superior spiritual community. I think she’s done a wonderful job in the sense it’s like a brilliant entry level of law of attraction and manifestation. I think anything like that, any teaching like that have any entry level. It’s just like with David Like work. David Like is waking people up that are coming in at a different angle, and you may not like a lot of his work because there’s a lot of fear around it, but you know, there’s a lot of love in that guy’s heart too. There’s a lot of love in his teachings, and it’s like no matter where people are coming, something’s going to serve them, and can take them then deeper and then another–

Audience: David is a Trump supporter?

Todd: Pardon?

Audience: Isn’t he a Trump supporter?

Todd: I have no idea. No idea.

Audience: I couldn’t find no love in any of Trump supporter.

Todd: I don’t know. I don’t know, and to be honest, it’s just like, it’s one of those things where there’s always a part of somebody that can resonate with you, and I try to find that in all people, and it serves me really well to do that. I mean, I have my instant judgments. I have my instant moments of blaming people, but I know that’s an attack on myself as much as them. I’ve just learned that.

So, one of the things that– A couple things I’d like to share and some of this you’re going to know, but this is the thing about spiritual journey in life in general. Most of the time we’re getting refresher courses of what we already know, but yet something that we haven’t quite applied yet. We’re still intellectualizing it. You understand what I’m saying? I still have areas where I’m still doing that too. Yeah. So, these are some of my core feelings about this stuff and your core thoughts. I do honestly feel that your manifestation powers are equal in strength to your manifestation, knowledge applying. We’ve learned so much. We’ve learned so much about the law of attraction. We’ve seen it happen in action in our everyday lives. We react fearfully and things sort of happened in a fearful way. It’s like a mirror. We start reacting in a loving way. We see things start, mirrored back to us in a loving way.

I think we’ve all discovered now by this point in our lives that we do have a need to love and be loved. It’s like to me, it’s one of our core missions here on earth. There are endless ways to find, to love and be loved. It is learning just to get to that point to where it’s 5,4,3,2,1. Breathe. Except that this person right now is feeling a lot of fear. This person is really shut down. This person is finding it difficult even to receive, let alone give. Just being kind and compassionate towards people in this way, and like I said, it’s okay to be generous. This is something that I really developed in those hitchhiking years. I learned to be generous, but have boundaries if I need to and literally on the way down in the van. Alexander’s here, there, we’re listening to Bernie Brown tell us the same thing. She’s literally talking about generosity, but the people who are the most generous have learned to set boundaries, and it just works beautifully for people and I’m just glad I learned that as a young age because there’s so much truth in that, but like love, we’ve learned by now that we don’t just have a need to love and be loved, we have a deep need to forgive and be forgiven. There is a forgiveness process and I find anytime there’s a block in the manifestation process, one of the things I like to go to now as one of the teachings from the course in miracles where the teaching is, it is not your role to manifest. Your role is to remove the blocks to manifestation. I 100% am down with that.

Audience: Like we probably should.

Todd: It’s just that I live by that. If there is a block, it is down to me to shift from fear to love, and that they’re in is the miracle. It is just then when the miracle of the manifestation is usually received. Again, like the course in miracles would say, in these moments where we are, blocks were manifestation is not an everyday thing, just like I was experiencing synchronicities and the kindness as an everyday thing during my hitchhiking journeys. When manifestation is not an everyday thing. It is for us to look at that and to make that shift that it is a very personal thing that shift that miracle from fear to love. It is a profound thing to realize, like I was giving you one of my personal shifts. The thing I like to do, and it’s gratitude. It is an active spiritual practice. It’s not something that I do every now and again. It is an every day practice for me. There are so many ways, like when I was a hitchhiker and at the end of each day, “Thank you Jesus.” My last thoughts for every single day when I was hitchhiking, we’re good. Thoughts were loving thoughts were gracious thoughts, and of course in miracles would say this, “When you are not in that flow of manifestation, the universe is holding those gifts, holding those manifestations, holding your soulmate in grace, until the moment you were able to make that shift from fear to love.” To me, that’s one of the most beautiful lines from that entire book. ‘The course in miracles.’ It will hold your soulmate in grace until the time to when you are ready, Pete will hold those gifts. All of those manifestations in grace until you are ready to see, to shift, make that shift from fear to love. It’s not saying you can’t have any of that stuff until you get into a state of love, but usually we are– A block is a block. We’re blocking ourselves. The universe is not withholding. It is literally we’re withholding from ourselves.

Audience: That makes sense exactly the same thing about being to bed at night. If you, whatever vibration you go to sleep in, is what you’re going to wake up

Todd: For sure. For me, I’m re-calibrating my nervous system on a daily basis.

Audience: Which is why we get laid every night.


Todd: Are you on heat?

Audience: Yes.

[laughter]. [crosstalk]. It’s me and Paul.


Audience: I though we did that [unintelligible 00:52:22].

Todd: I think you’re going to have to go for a walk tonight.

Audience: You guys have been covered up on the road.

[laughter]. [crosstalk]

Todd: Go for a walk in the woods. Go to [unintelligible 00:52:34] take a sleeping bag.

Audience: They say the same thing when you die. If you die and then you wake up. So, if you died in the dear of terror or you go in the Australian state.

Todd: It is– We have what’s called, for a lot of us, we go into what traditionally is called the big sleep. We pass to the other side and even if it’s hours, if not days, we pass into the big sleep. It’s where we go into like a comatose states, and it’s in those moments where, this is why a lot of indigenous peoples worldwide will do you have it sort of gets ceremonies that lasts for days, because they’re shamans have discovered that their loved ones are in these big sleep. This moment after death where they can become unconscious, and then they become conscious again, and yes, their first thought after that weekend from that big, if it’s a fearful one, if it’s a loving one, it can start to determine their afterlife state, not their permanent afterlife state. Just like when we look into a mirror, when we wake up in the morning and we look into the mirror, what are we seeing reflected back to us?

Audience: Yesterday.

Todd: Yesterday’s thinking. Yesterday’s feelings. Yesterday, his actions. We have two sets of eyes. We have our physical eyes, where we see with with sight, one of our five senses, and we have our spiritual eyes. It is the five senses that the fear of mind uses as one of its own mechanisms to make you feel alone, like the stuff that you’re praying for and manifesting and attracting to you isn’t coming because it can evidence it. Something like 99% or more of manifestation and the process is taking place behind the scenes, because it’s for us to remove the blocks, so therefore it’s for us to re-calibrate our thoughts, re-calibrate our fears, re-calibrate our turbulent emotions which are creating and causing every single action, every single behavior. If there was a block, it is time to re-calibrate. Like Marianne Williamson would say, “When you wake up in the morning, make one of your first actions while you’re doing something like even showering, you cleanse your emotions.” Because most of us are going to bed without cleansing our emotions. Most of us are not going to bed with deep gratitude. We’re going to bed with obsessing about what happened earlier in the day or earlier in the week or earlier in the year, or we’re stressing and anxious about what’s to come tomorrow or the week to come or the month to come. We’re going to bed with this sort of energy and the moment you wake up, we’re waking straight back into it. So it’s a matter of re-calibrating the nervous system because your nervous system is your psychic antenna to the all. To the all that is, everything, infinity. If there is a block, your role is to remove those blocks. For me, the process is this re-calibration. That’s why I love doing the synchronicity walks. So, there’s a couple of you here that have done the walks for me. A lot of you have seen the walks online. Let me show you what you see, doesn’t get seen, behind the scenes. I go around and I started posting on my meet-up groups. Sometimes I go into the city, especially in the olden days when I first started doing, I’d take printed leaflets, I’d put them in alternative cafe windows or turn into a bookshop windows, sometimes and not so alternative book shops and cafes. Just lie them around surreptitiously put them here and there. You never know who’s going to find one. Synchronicity being, line somebody up with that one, and then people would come in the night, there’ll be a date, there’ll be a time, there’l be a location. People would come. 20, 30, 40 people. I was always excited. I’d show up and I never once thought I will arrive and there will be nobody there and I had always knew abundance. People would be their curiosity, whatever it was, they’d be there, and usually 15, 20, 30 people. One time I showed up, there was 100 people waiting. 100 people. I was like, “How am I going to manage this?” I had Sky with me. We literally had to split the group. It was like, I’ve made it up real quick. I was like, this is one of the things we do, we split the group, and you go off that way, and we set you a task and within five minutes you have to manifest a sumo wrestler, and we’ll go this way and you tell us what the manifests, “Oh.”

Audience: And my group would be frogs.

Todd: Yeah, frogs and we had to manifest, something that was just like, “Okay, then we’ll do that and we’ll meet up in 10 minutes and see if we manifest in something and then we’ll– Sky will be the leader of your group, and I’ll be the leader of that group and then we’ll go again,” and we just make it fun if we have to, but the same thing people show up, and I always do in the week at nights after people get off from work. Why? Because that’s when they’re feeling stressed, anxious, depressed. The perfect time to take them on a magic, sort of a journey across the running one of these magic mystery tours because it will re-calibrate them. I don’t mind if they show up and a little bit sort of moody, to me it didn’t matter, but they’d show up and usually they’re clinging onto certainty, and they’re wanting certainty from me. They’re like, “Todd, what do we expect tonight?” “I don’t really know. It’s always different,” and they’re like, “But what’s the plan?” I’m like, “I don’t really know. We always role the dice.” and the nice how, especially I go in and look, they’re like, :

“You’re not me very much. I’m getting more anxious. You’re stretching me out.” I was like, “Bur it’s all good,” and we have this curious effect and synchronicity walks sometimes. It’s called Falling Down the Crack, where we’re like, we role the dice and the diocese, “Okay, ooh, look, go left,” and immediately as we roll the dice and we start to walk and we’re looking for the first left, somebody comes out of an office building and the door slowly shutting and my foot somehow winds up in the door and stops it from closing, and I’m like, “Oh, there’s our first left,” and everybody’s like, “We can’t go in there. That’s the business it.” “Follow me,” and then we go. and then suddenly we get in and when there was 20 of us, now there’s only 18 of us because two people fell through the crack. Fear got the better of them. I say this to them and they may ever been in the walk. You’re an adult. You don’t have to do everything I do, but this is my life. This is what I’ve learned to trust.” You know? I’m going to follow that rabbit deep down the rabbit hole, and then I’m going to discover that that rabbit is just like fate. It’s my starting point. At some point I don’t need that rabbit anymore. I’m going to pass his ass. He’s going to be like, “White rabbit. You were supposed to follow me,” like you know, “I’m making it my own white rabbit. Now, get out of the way.” This is destiny now. Fate. The lemons, the water and the sugar, and you make your own mixture and that’s destiny. We’re the cards you get dealt the cards and it’s just how you play those cards. You go from fate, which is dealt the cards, and as they say, destiny is how you play those cards. We create our destiny, and I explained this on these walks that you’re in charge, if you find at any point in the walk where you want to disappear down a crack, it’s your choice. If fear gets the better of you, that’s absolutely fine, but we’re going to keep moving. If we all suddenly we roll the car, we roll the dice and it comes up on tempt fate, and maybe we’re right in front of the big hole fountain, and I say, “Okay, let’s jump in, because that’s what we’re being inspired to do.” You don’t have to jump in. You can stand there and watch. I say to him, so far we’ve never done it arrested on one of these walks before, and then all laughing and kind of like, “hah aha,” not quite sure. Todd means that or not, and then we just started rolling the dice. I just know as we go, people are going to start re-calibrating. They’re still worried. Now they’re thinking, okay, I’ve locked my bike here or I’ve come to this tube station. I know how to get home now, and then we roll the dice and they’re like, “Oh my God, but Todd is saying we have to follow the dice.” We rolled the dice and it says, “Go left,” and the beginning of each walk we rolled the dice and we get like a group number and this is the number that we follow, like a breadcrumb trail, whatever it occurred. If that number comes up organically, we follow it. So, let’s say we rolled the dice and we get like a number 6, and let’s say somebody walks by with a number of six Jersey, that’s our white rabbit and we’ll follow that person for like maybe 6 minutes because that’s what we rolled. So, we follow that person for six minutes, no matter where they go, they go down in the underground, we go with them, they go in an elevator, all of us squeeze in with them and we face that person and they’re just like-

[laughter]. “Hello, personal space.” Then they get out and they looked behind and we’re like, [whistles], and then they walk and we’re like, six minutes are up. We sort of energetically, quietly in their mind, thank them and they walk off and they’ve taken this deeper down the rabbit hole. We were in no control whatsoever. We just went with the flow. We were like the consciousness of water. We just flowed, down the mountain. If there’s a rock, it doesn’t resist, it goes over the Rock. Comes to the Rock, it goes, comes to a tree, it goes around the tree. Comes through any obstacle, it will go over, around if you can’t do those things, it’ll start digging under order or it’ll start to go over, and we’re literally like the consciousness, the consciousness of water. We just flow, and that’s what these synchronicities and walks around. And before you know it, people are starting to slowly re-calibrate. They’re starting to let go of the need to have a certain outcome. We have magical things happen like you, what you see on the videos, those things actually happen all the time. It was back to back synchronicities. There’s a bunch of them that– I’ve got so much video to go up still and people are like, “Oh, put up the next one,” is like, so much worth. I got to do. It’s constantly events and stuff, but they’ll get up there eventually, but so many wonderful things happen. Like, in one of those walks just about a year ago, we had like a yellow theme developing, because we’re trusting. It’s all going to be okay, we can follow this stuff and trust that we can get in that synchronistic flow. We can get into that flow where we can achieve like an elevated state of where anything can happen. It’s learning that when we get to that elevated state of reality, that spiritual reality, that we can actually remain there for long periods of time. Those are those back to back synchronicities that you hear me describe when these talks or in the videos and people were bowled over by this stuff because it’s real. Synchronicity like manifestation is an everyday thing and it’s just learning to re-calibrate. So, by the end of these walks, people have completely forgotten their problems. They’re now thinking, “Wow, they’re in awe. That’s good energy.” They’re like, “I want more of this,” and they’ve seen that they can actually do it themselves. They’re like, I can go on my own daily synchronicity walks people from all over the world. One of those videos went viral. I think it’s got like 250,000 views, thousands of comments. People are like, “Todd, can I do this idea myself?” One guy’s like, “I’m going to create an APP.” This guy was like, “I played my own dice. Where’s your address? I’m going to send you some dice,” and all these generous people and they’re just taking it all over the world. I’m like, I’m so grateful that people are just spreading that everywhere. It is about re-calibrating the nervous system, that psychic intendant to everything, to your guides, passing you downloads to your guidance, given you inspiration your messages. That’s what it’s about to me. It’s re-calibrating that nervous system. So, when I go to bed, I re-calibrate. I make my last last thoughts, gratitude, about my beautiful wife, thank the universe for a woman that I know is devoted to me, devoted to our relationship, knows how to hold a space for me.

Audience: “Oh.’


Todd: Is the most amazing stepmother on the planet. The way she is with my kids is just, you know, with Luke, Luke’s totally and all of this woman because she’s a human being in a being in general that just she gives, and she gives, and she gives. I’m grateful, and I go to sleep and I am grateful for these things.

One of the things that I advise when you wake up in the morning before, like manifests– Like Marianne Williamson would say, “When you’re taking a shower cleanse your emotions before you get out there in the day.” Meditation is, this is what meditation does. When you meditate, when you do something like Yoga, when you do something like astral projection. This is why I say these practices are not separate from your everyday life, any area of your life. Because as you start to use these practices to re-calibrate, to quiet the mind, quiet the emotions, that starts to serve other areas of your life. So, as you go deep into meditation, deep into that forgiveness work, deep into that gratitude work, you’re building your manifestation, you’re building your willpower, strength, you’re building your curiosity for things like synchronicity, you’re tuning in, just like we tune into something like TV, everything we entertain ourselves with in physical reality whether it’s TV, whatever it is, whatever we’re entertaining ourselves, we’re in training our nervous system. Like we were talking about the four horsemen of the populace. When you watch like a soap opera, what are you seeing. You’re seeing people be– You’re seeing criticism constantly. You’re seeing people full of content constantly. You’re seeing people be defensive constantly. You’re seeing people stonewalling constantly, and literally is calibrating your nervous system because it’s that entertainment becomes entrainments. Whatever you entertain yourself with, you pick up the newspaper in the morning. I’m not saying avoid the headlines, avoid the news, avoid the darkness, bury your head in the sand. Put your hands over your eyes and complain that it’s not sunny out. Now, I’m not talking about denial. If you need to see stuff, the universe will find ways for you to see it. I’m saying not to dwell on this stuff. Just like the classic law of attraction to attraction teachings. They’re saying, “Look, but do not dwell.” All spiritual traditions, genuine spiritual traditions are saying the same thing. “Look with love. Look with an open hearts. Do not dwell with fear.” That’s what they’re saying. That’s the teaching. So, to me, when I’m meditating, when I’m doing astral projection, when I’m doing, yoga, it’s about making me a better human being. That’s the core of my practice. That practice is to help me become a better human being that when I finished, I’ve re-calibrated. I’ve re-calibrate my thoughts, and my feelings, my emotions, therefore that’s what’s going to then fuel every behavior, every single action of that day. As I then go out into the world, I view myself as being the epicenter of synchronicity. People might think, that’s just arrogance and says, “No, it’s really not.” I walk around literally and I view myself, you can say my personal– I’m the personal epicenter for me of synchronicity, and everywhere I go I am creating a vortex. Do I want to create a vortex of fear or a vortex of love? Because people will enter your vortex. How do you want them to enter your vortex? This is what I’m visualizing. I’m walking through big train terminals. People are rushing by. I might be rushing by, but I can be rushing by without using people as human hurdles. Sometimes I do, and then I got to stop myself, like, “Wait. Stop. What did you teach the other night? Walk your talk.”

Audience: It’s more like he goes way ahead and I’m like way behind then he realizes I’m like too blocks behind, and you can see because he’s really tall looking back and read a few.

Audience: Is there right? All right Todd?

Todd: Of course. So to me, meditation is literally freeing the mind from the attachment of the body and thus freeing the mind to light itself. This is what meditation does. That is for me, that’s the core of meditation. So, before getting up, if your thing at the moment is to rush off, that’s not self love, that’s something akin to self hate. To rush off without calibrating your nervous system, because you’re going to go out that door and if you’re then in blame, shame, judging mode, you’re attacking everyone you meet, including yourself. Even if they don’t see it in your actions, they can feel it. How many times do people walk in the room with a storm cloud over them and you can feel it the moment they walk in the room. You can feel it before they even get in the building. We’re not islands like we’ve talked about. We’re not islands. All minds are joined on a deeper level.

Audience: That’s the other trick. When you are psychic enough to see other people’s energies, don’t focus on their darkness, because you’ll see more darkness and pain if you focus on the darkness and pain. So, one of the main things I do is every time I see a person, I ask, be your creator or the universe, show me their gifts, should we get what they’re here to give the world? Because otherwise you’ll track like all their crap and you’ll absorb it and you’ll be really grumpy.

Todd: How many times I’ve been with other vegans and one of those vegans start, maybe we’re with a non vegan friend, and then one of the vegans and our group is like, “Suddenly craving hamburgers,” and then the non-vegan speaks up, “Oh, I was just craving a hamburger.” You can pick up people’s thoughts and feelings so easily. So, it does pay a lot to really be transparent to where other people are. Is really is important. I love one of the Marion Williamson’s quotations, she says, “There is no such thing as a neutral thought. What is not a loving thought isn’t attack?” That’s where I get that attack idea from from this quote, because it is so true. People say to me, “well, we can be neutral about stuff.” Let’s think about this. If you’re in a really bad situation, you’re really dark. Do you really want your guides and your higher self to be neutral about you? They’re thinking, ‘you know what? I’m just going to be neutral about Nina today. I’m just going to– I don’t mind it. I’m not doing good things, bad things happened to her. It’s all good at the end of the day.” It maybe all good in Nirvana in, but we’re not in Nirvana. We’re right here in our own little hells on earth. I don’t want my higher self regard as being neutral about me. I want them thinking loving thoughts because there are only two thoughts, systems. There was a thought system of fear, and there is a thought system of love. If you were somewhere in the middle and there is a conflict going on, you’re either going to be thinking about that conflict in a fearful way or a new or a loving way. You’re either going to get involved, you’re going to send love or something. You’re going to do one of two things. I totally agree with Marianne Williamson, so therefore to me, the beginner meditation practice, the beginner manifestation practice. They’re very much the same. In beginner meditation practice, we’re taught things like mindfulness. Are we not? How to allow thoughts to arise without attaching and then just follow it. Just follow with the train of thought and let it go again without attaching much to it. That’s like the mindfulness approach and that is brilliant because the beginner meditation mind can be weak. You have to build those mental and emotional muscles. Correct? You have that mind drift and then like meditate for 20 minutes, you realise, “Oh, yeah. I only meditated for 10 seconds. The rest of the time I was thinking about I need to wash my clothes and this and that,” so you have stray thoughts and you get stuck in those sometimes. I understand that beginner mindset when the thought comes, don’t attach to, just observe it and let it go. Next one, if another one comes, observe it, let it go, and then eventually some point, if you’re use mantras and stuff, you can just nice clear mind, but the more advanced you become, whether it’s meditation, manifestation, wherever it is, the more advanced you become, forgiveness work becomes a part of that advanced practice. If I’m sitting in meditation and I’m getting quite clear and then suddenly this thought comes in, maybe a mean thought about a friend. It just came out of the blue. I wasn’t actively thinking about that, but that’s fear. We don’t actually say, oh, I’m going to think a fearful thought. You know what? I’m thinking such a fearful thought right now. You know, sometimes we think, well, we’re going to have permission from a friend before we can do any healing work. So you know, it’s like, I’m just imagining before I have this fearful thought of a friend, I’m picking up the mobile phone and then, “Do you mind Sam if I have a mean thought about you? I’m just trying to get your permission before hand? Is that okay?” “Okay, go ahead.” “I’m going to go now and I’m going to think mean thoughts about you.” We don’t get permission from our friends to think mean things of them or evil things of them before we do it. So, it’s the same with love. I don’t seek out their permission before I send them my love. I don’t imagine the universe in crisis thinking, “Oh my God, that Damn Todd sending out love, just spiraling it out there without getting permission from people. How dare he?” I let my love going. So if I had this thought of a friend come up and it’s a main thought, I’m thinking, you know, okay, that thoughts come to me. The universe is asking me in this moment to take responsibility for this thought. It’s asking me right now and if I don’t do it right now, if I just observe it, I’m just neutral about it, I’ve just attacked myself and my friend. I have a responsibility right now because this is 100% responsibility. When those thoughts, when people come into your life, whatever it is emerge, and the thing that is missing is unconditional love. This is when we go into forgiveness work. This is when we go into using the flexing those spiritual muscles. When we are unconditionally loving, like I’ve already said, it does not mean I am a doormat. If you start to treat me like a doormat, you’re going to get my fierce love, but I will love you, but I will not be your doormat. So, I can say no. I can say no in many nice ways, but when I’m in that meditation, if that unkind thought comes, I want to re-calibrate it right then and there, because I know that if I don’t re-calibrate that thought and I’ve attached myself, I’ve attached to the person I am creating a block, and that block is just going to get bigger and bigger and bigger because, if I keep going throughout the day and I don’t address that one thing, and then at least in the next thing, and the next thing, by the end of the day, I mean this, I’m like a bear with a sore head or a bulldog as they say with a wasp in his mouth.

Audience: How?

Todd: How? Indeed, but how many people do you see like bulldogs with wasps then their mouth showing up, to your workplace [whoa!whoa!]. Like, or cup of tea. Learn their love languages. Yes, indeed. So, for me, it is that constant re-calibration and even if I have to do it 20 times in a day, I will do it 20 times in a day. There are some days where I fall way short of this, and then I have lovely people like my wife to remind me, that I have a responsibility in life. She’ll remind me in kind ways, or the trickster aspect of life, the trickster aspect of synchronicity. That kind of stuff. I love that, experiencing those things on synchronicity walks. People are like, “But why did that just happen?” And it’s like, we forgot to laugh. We were taking ourselves too serious. We were trying to control the flow. We were literally just overly overly controlling. Instead of trusting that we could get in that flow and remain there. That we could get to an elevated state of spirituality and remain there. The fear of mind came in and brought doubts, and then we fell off that spiritual reality. That level of spiritual reality. It is for us to remove the blocks that stop everyday manifestation. It is for us to remove the blocks to everyday miracles. It is for us to remove the blocks to everyday synchronicity. It is us to do the forgiveness work, the self forgiveness, work forgiveness for others. We are not here just to love and be loved. We’re here to forgive and be forgiven. There is a genuine process to all of that stuff. Like the forgiveness work we talked about, there’s stages to it, like grief, there’s stages to it. These are to me, not just basics, they are things that you probably know and that you’ve probably learned, but we have our days where we fall short, and it’s on those days, so we need to be kind and forgiving to ourselves too. You can create prayers on the go. I do it all the time. I create prayers for myself, like if I’m suddenly in a muddle, 5,4,3,2,1. Breathe. As I’m breathing, I might say something like, “Dear Universe, please heal my thinking and the restore my right mind.” I might repeat that for the two minutes and I’m doing the breath work. “Dear Universe, please heal my thinking. Restore my right mind.” I’m re-calibrating.

Audience: DO you hear this? Do you say?

Todd: I say, dear universe, “Dear Universe, please heal my thinking and restore my right mind.” I love one of the old and new thought leaders. I can’t remember his name, but this was one of his favourite affirmations and it covers everything. I love it. This used to be my mantra for years. I didn’t know why it stopped. “I am whole.” So I’m breathing 5,4,3,2,1, breathing. :I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, happy, harmonious, abundance,” and I just keep repeating that I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, happy, harmonious and abundance,” and I just keep repeating it as I’m breathing, as I’m getting my pre-frontal lobe back online. My higher reasoning centers are coming back online. I’m starting to glow again.

Audience: That’s the mastery key system.

Todd: That’s the master key system. That’s right. [crosstalk]. What’s his name?

Audience: Charles Haanel.

Todd: So, I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, happy, and I think it finishes off and harmonious, but I’ve added abundance or something like that attitude. I don’t know which one.

Audience: What was the last name, Charles?

Audience: Haanel. H-A-A-N-E-L.

Todd: The one before that. It’s like, “Dear Universe, please heal my thinking and restore my right mind because our mind thinking, unloving, unkind thoughts, I need to heal that.”

Audience: Can I say something about that because, well about more than that? Well, I think about how suitable and [unintelligible 01:19:40] I think it had, well, I just had that fool, she’s not like, and I thought that, well I thought that there’s no reason?

Todd: Because we all have those parts that are still needing to be healed. I’ve got my inner jerk. I remember once I was actually going on a train to give a talk in London on love. All right, I’m on this train and them. I head into London from what I used to live and I’m just there meditating, getting myself centered for the talk, and I’m like whipping up a lot of storm. You’re like all about the love, and I’m doing these mantras for love, and it was on a day whether it was football going on in the city, and we stopped by the home of football on this train was stopped at when we park station. Football game must have just finished. All these football fans pile onto my carriage and they are like chanting to each other, one set of followers to the other team, followers and they are all me nasty things and I’m all in the state of Gooey love, and then suddenly it’s just like in my head, I’m looking around like, “Fuck off all of you.” I didn’t say it out loud, but that “Fuck off. Who the hell are you thinking about interrupting my meditation of love?”

[laughter]. Thank you ascended masters.

[laughter]. Your daughter in that moment was an ascended master reminding you that you got an inner bitch.

[laughter]. All right? Okay? [crosstalk]. You’re welcome, because my inner bastard comes out again, and I look around me on the train, and now when I saw football fans who were– Whatever, I now see ascended masters, thank God, thank God. Thank God.

[laughter]. All right?

Let me give you one more thing and then we’re going to wrap this up. It’s called the attraction signal. You might have heard this and I love sharing this on him. So, the attraction signal is this for 24 hours, go 24 hours without complaining.

[laughter]. Without one single complainants. All right? Every time you catch yourself in that energy of “Urgh! Urgh! Mm!” 5,4,3,2,1, breathe. Now I entered the loving energy field of my higher self. Now I enter the loving energy filled in my higher self. Now I enter the loving energy field in my higher self. Two minutes of that. [sighs]. Okay. Okay, and then whatever that situation was, you were about to blame somebody. One hundred percent responsibility. What’s that person’s love language? What’s the human need here? What is it that this situation is missing? Bam. You go right into it. You give. All right? The moment you come out of that, about to blame, you give. You give to charity if you have to. You give to a homeless man. You give by holding somebody’s door open, but whatever you were about to do, shame, blame, criticise, be full of contempt, be superior, spiritually superior. There is nothing spiritually superior about it. In the moment where you are monitoring other people’s spiritual growth, you are actually not being spiritual. There is nothing spiritual about monitoring other people’s spiritual growth. Unless you’re the teacher and you gave me permission and you paid me, then I can monitor your growth.

[laughter]. So, the attraction to signal and go 24 hours without complaining, and I’m going to leave you this with this one last.

Give up complaining for one whole month. Not One single complaint for one month. For one month, no complaints. No complaints.

Audience: You have to see if you can get through the 24 hours.

Audience: That’s how I was thinking.


Todd: All right, fine. You know, maybe I raised the bar instantly, but fine. Go that one day. Start to strengthen those muscles. Start to flex those muscles. Yeah. See how you get on. Even tomorrow, start right now. Okay. Start right now.

Audience: Basically, ease when [unintelligible 00:23:52]

Todd: No, no, no. It is not. No one has not. [crosstalk]. You found it totally easy so far here, yeah? You had a single complain. [crosstalk]. Is this what you’re telling me? Emma has got evidence. Every morning she’s like, “You got any problems, any concerns.” We got evidence. We got a record o you. We’re keeping your permanent record on. It was fun.

Audience: Actually, I’ll be deleting it.
[laughter]. It’s just that it’s like an inside thing. Only Americans will understand because we grew up in a school system where they’re always telling us that it’s going on your permanent record. It’s like, then you get to be an adult and you’re like, there was never a permanent record. Anyhow, start out. Yes. One day at a time. Not complaining. Not a single complaint. Every time you’ve made the complaint, you step back, you re-calibrate, in the ways that we’re talking about. All right. You done with this?

Audience: When was your first successful month?

Todd: Haven’t came to it yet. I haven’t had my first successful month yet. I have had plenty of successful days.

Audience:You’re the most honest teacher could ever, ever, ever, ever-

Audience: Before you get to your crescendo, because I want to have. Can I share my affirmation? The little one.

Audience: Yeah. That’s our girl out there.

Audience: This is Louise Hay One. Right? But it’s the one I’ve used for years. Okay. So it’s deep at the core of my being, there is an infinite well of love. I now allow this love to come to the surface. It fills my body, my mind, my consciousness, my very being. It radiates out from all directions and returns to me multiplied. [crosstalk].

Todd: She can send it by email to all of you feel if you want.

Audience:It’s another Louise Hay because you can heal your life. It’s in the back. It’s the one that’s, but literally, I always use. There’s plenty to use, the spirit to share. All is well in our world.

Todd: Okay. Now, to send you off. Sky said with the crescendo. I’m just going to give you my personal manifestation practice in three, three simple steps. Step 1. Step 1, vision. I get clear about what I desire to manifest. I get super clear. Plenty of ideas out there as I don’t attach too much the outcome. Look, I’m just getting clear, okay? Bought out. Let me get clear about what it is I desire to manifest. All right? So, relax. You got that?

Audience: Yes.

Todd: 2. Purpose. I define how this manifestation will serve me and other people. So, I get clear with my vision. I get clear with my purpose. What is the purpose for this manifestation in my life? I learned this from the Bahais. Anybody here know the Bahai’s? Bahai’s Faith?

Audience: Yes.

Todd: Yeah, they introduced to me around the time I started having the out of body experiences and there was some bahais in our local neighborhood. They lived in the big houses up the hill and they were all about abundance. They have this core idea of unity and I love this stuff. We got invited to go to one of their spiritual development courses which was like two weeks long. It was in one of their houses, big old house, big lounge, as big as this. This many people would arrive. Half of them, Bahais, half of them just, every other day people and this one guy named [Voffa] and he became my spiritual mentor for the next two years, and I sat his spiritual, his relationship development course, spiritual debate and development course. I backed it back and then did them again, and they were always free, and people would come just like when they came to my first event or like, “What’s your agenda to me?” I noticed food and the Swank House and all these great ideas. “What is your agenda?” And you know what? It never once took-

Audience: I love your angry British voice.
[laughter]. Accent.

Todd: Never once, never once did the Bahais try to sell me their religion. Never once. They were just giving as per, they were literally walking their talk. I loved him for that. Never once did they sell me their religion. We go to their house, they teach us stuff and then we’d come away and for those months, in those weeks and those months, I was literally, I was on it. I was really in their vortex. That was profoundly special to me. To me, they taught me things like, Voffa in particular modeled something to me about that purpose. He was just like, when I buy a car, I think about my community. How can that car serve my community? I just thought, that’s fucking lovely. So, he goes, I have this big old sedan, where I can fit many people. I can take people places, people to meetings. I can ferry cargo if need be. I think about my community. I thought that is just beautiful. What a way to manifest because he’s manifesting abundance. Everything that he manifests in his life is spiritual wealth for everyone, because spiritual wealth is good, an abundance of all good thing. It isn’t just financial. Yeah, it took finances to buy that car, but he bought that car in love as the bottom line. The next car, I buy it. I’m buying it with love as my bottom line.

Audience: It’s a truck.

Audience: I love truck.

Todd: For me, our next vehicle will be a truck.

Audience: Pickup?

Todd: Pickup. Yeah. I can tell the dog and extended cab and you know, homeless people living in a tent and hello in our house. Okay. So, I really get clear with the purpose. I define how this manifestation is going to serve me and others.

Third step. The ritual with a clear vision and a defined purpose. I channel them into a daily manifestation meditation practice after which I take inspired action. So, let me just run you through what I do. I was just going to be like super fast. So, I do some breathing work because I know I might be in my fear mind when I start this. Sometimes I might be. So, I want to do some clearing work. I’m doing some breath work. I’m doing some forgiveness work. I’m doing the whole [ponen ponen]. I’m getting deeper and deeper. I’m saying things like after I do the whole ponens for him to give him this work. Now I’m like on the audio tracks. I’m like bringing light into my energy field and building my energy body. I’m saying things like, now I raised my internal vibration. Now with the assistance of my guides and raise my internal vibrational state to their vibrational frequency, and then after a couple minutes of that, I now same thing as like now my guides assisting with raising my internal vibrational frequency to that and my higher self and I’m just, “Whoa1” I have some beautiful music playing on his angelic and all this stuff and I’m just raising it up and up and up, and usually it takes me about 10 minutes, and then I get into this formless state where it’s just, I imagine, and I visualize this unified energy field of lights. That’s my higher self. I’m imagining this unified energy field of lights with all this conscious awareness of all these lifetimes, all these guides, all of this mothership at unified inner energy field of life. Before I went into meditation, I had a manifestation in mind. So, what I’ll do is this, before I started that stuff, I’ve gotten really clear about what I wanted. Yeah, and for you, I might ask this, so think about something that you’d like to manifest in your life soon. Think about it right now. Quickly. Just think about something. You can always change your mind, but think about something. Now, think about if that thing was the manifest, that person, place or thing was to manifest into your life within a week, how would it make you feel? How would it make you feel?

Audience: A miracle.

Todd: A miracle.

Audience: Just the relief

Todd: Relief. Amazing.

Audience: All.

Todd: All. However it would make you feel. I want you to make that your core feeling, your core manifestation feeling. So, I get clear with what I want and I now have a core feeling to go with it. So, I’m getting into this deep meditative state. I’m doing what I’ve learned through astral projection. I’ve learned that there are two main things. It’s focused intention, and it’s a high energy states. Those two things are what I’m seeking now. Okay. I’m having this focused intention on getting into this deep energetic state through intentional. Everything I’m thinking, everything I’m visualizing, everything I’m feeling is getting me into this vortex of this unified energy, and it’s energy field of my higher self. When I’m there, it’s just this white lights. It’s formless, but I had that seed, that seed of my manifestation, the truck maybe, and I plant that, but for me it’s–. It’s really easy for you to grapes. It’s things like, I’ll use an example of my workshop like this nine day event. I’ll go into that state. There’s any doubt. Let’s say there’s like a month ago and it’s still half full. I’ll go into a meditation. I’ll do this manifestation meditation. My seed is to fill the workshop. So, I go in their plant the seed now that I’m beyond the fear mind on Wayne here in the unified energy fueled my higher self. I plant the seed. In this beautiful white light, the core of who I am, love, abundance, and now I just start to allow myself to feel that core feeling, manifestation, feeling. How do I feel when I fill a workshop? I’ll tell you how I feel. I feel how I feel right now sitting amongst you all right. Now I feel happy. I feel joy. So, I start this minute. When I get into that light and I plant that seed, the next thing I do is this; I start to listen. I don’t start to instantly manifest seeing the floor boards and having form filled around me and seats and I’ve fill the space with people. The first thing I’m listening for is your laughter. I’m deep there in the core of this and I’m listening for your laughter, and I hear you all laughing. How many times have you laughed tonight? I’ve got a lot on evidence.
[laughed]. You laughed a lot, laughed at my jokes, lots of them. You were laughing, we’re talking, I hear you sharing with each other, doing little energy healing swaps and whatever else, and I’m hearing all this stuff and then suddenly I start letting form come in. I start seeing the rug. I started seeing the floorboards of the beams, the sofas, and the chairs, forms, people down and I started to connect with all of your higher selves in this moment, and I’m saying to your higher selves, if you have the scholarships, if you have these parts of you that are in time, space time, if you have parts of you that are there, and they’re ready, I’m ready to hold the space, and I will hold that space with love. I will look after them. I will look at them with mercy and kindness and forgiveness. I will be vulnerable. I will show them my vulnerability. I will show them I’m not perfect, that I’m making progress. I will make them feel part of my earth family. This is what I was doing with all of you. I’m just communicating to your higher self. Some of your like, I don’t know why I came here. It was your guides. This is beyond me. I’m just connecting to your own desires. I’m connecting to your own will, but we’re working together. We creating this together and then all of this has happened, and then I build this rocket. I’ve got like this large firework, huge firework, almost rocket, and I’ve got seven stages to this rocket. The first stage is certainty, and I probably make a promise to your higher self, that first stage of the rocket certainty, I will give them certainty. Certainty that they will have my love. Certainty that they will not get bullied. Certainty that I will look after them. Certainty, that when they’re having a breakdown. Certainty that they they need a shoulder to cry on, I’ll give it, but I will hold that space with love.

Then the next stage of the rocket uncertainty, I will give them variety. I will give them a couple of spices of life. I will remind them of that type of surprise energy. We go into significance. I will make them feel special. I will make them feel valued. I will make them feel worthy. I go up to growth. That’s a given. We’re going to grow together. I’m going to give you lots of tools.

I get up to the next stage, contribution. Who made that lovely contribution today in the circle meeting? Thank you very much. There are so many teachers here. Even people who don’t know that they’re ready to teach, you are ready. Sometimes, people might come here even maybe a little bit more advanced than me in certain ways, but there might be something that they have to learn from me that the other guide just sent them here for. Could be humility. Could be to remind them that their teachers aren’t where they’re at, and then they need to look around that room with kindness, with patients and give those students their full attention. Not looking at their phones, not doing other stuff, giving their students their full attention. I didn’t get up to the love and the connection stages of that rocket. I’m reaching out to you through your higher self. I get down there to where the wick, whatever you want to call it, the firing pin and whatever it is, and I’m holding this candle of living lights, and I walk up to that fuse. That’s where the fuse is. I walk up to the fuse with all of your higher selves with a hand on that, that stick of living lights, and I light that fuse. We’d light that fuse and it just goes. Up it goes right over the soul plane, and it goes, bang! Right over the soul plane, and I see all of the sparkling energy. Now that big fire, because that’s what it is. It’s a big manifestation fire. We’re going bang! All over the soul plan. All the souls are like [sighs]. Fire work, love, joy and it’s all trickling down, and I’m just in that meditation, so I’m just imagining things like, all those higher selves like, I went in on this. I’ve got solos down there on the earth plane that could use a bit of this. Look at this rock and all these stages, all this stuff. Todd’s filled it with. Yep. I ham it on that, sending out more scholarships, send out some guidance, get the synchronicity, is going to activate synchronicity, activate synchronicity. Yeah, yeah, and then that stuff sparkling down into the higher planes where Buddha hangs out, and Jesus hangs out, and those kinds of things are like, “Whoa. Whoa. Yes. I’m going to give some love towards that, give it the love. Pass it on. Pass it on. Todd’s going for it. It’s going to fill this workshop.” It’s coming down into the astral planes, the high astral, medium astral planes. Everybody’s like, “Oh my God, look at Todd’s YouTube videos. I really liked that. I got a love one in physical reality, synchronicity, synchronicity. I’m going to go in and checking on them, give them a nudge. Watch that video.”
[laughter]. It’s coming down to the lower plains where there might be a bit of darkness and at this point everybody else is in on it. They’re all like, all the sparkles are coming in and touching people and lifting their moods, lifting their energy, lifting away the darkness. Just giving at this point. We’re just giving all the whole of the universe is just giving them that level. Then it comes down to the earth and it’s just like this sparkles all over the world, and the sparkles are just going everywhere all over the world. I come out of that meditation. I tell you I am as high as a kite.

Audience: That’s my babe.

Todd: When I go into meditation, my manifestation meditation. That’s the kind of shit I’m doing.

Audience: Is that shit? It’s awesome.

Todd: And look, I had a waiting list for this event in the end. Right at the end I had a waiting list. I had some woman. She was desperate, she was like, “I’ll sleep in my car.” I was like, “I’m not having people sleep in their cars.” They come back to the next event, and that’s one of the things when I’m deep in that manifestation, I see the floorboards after I’ve heard your laughter and all this stuff, and then the whole place is formed in my mind. I usually see my guides with clipboards at the door and there’s like a mile long, people waiting. You can come to the next event, this one’s full. You can come to the next one. Okay. Total abundance. That’s my meditation. That’s my manifestation. I’ve been meaning for almost two years now to whip that up into the most beautiful script. Put some music to it, put it up on YouTube. Eventually I will, but that’s what I do. Doesn’t matter what the meditation manifestation is. That’s what I do. I get into that high energy state with my mind focused, with my vision, my purpose is clear. I’m now doing the ritual. Everyday I will do the ritual, which is that meditation.

Audience: Because you cause your signal. I was looking up at this idea. So, would you let the issue with the whole day here? Would you, all that meditation?

Todd: I don’t need to put the– No, no, no. This is what I do. I almost finished on the end. I’ve just come out of the meditation and now I wait for– I allow inspired action. I allow inspired action at that point. That’s literally the last thing it says here. It says, when I finished that meditation practice, after which I take inspired actions. All right. I don’t just take any old fearful action, I take inspired action, but I’m in a state to hear sense, to feel my guidance. It will be inspired. Okay. That’s it. That’s what I do. Okay. That’s the end of the talk. It’s been a little bit longer than usual.


End [01:42:32]