Astral Projection Machine

PandoraStar Astral Projection Machine

Before you dive into learning about the Astral Projection Device we use, we suggest you read 3 blog posts first:

  1. Is Astral Projection real?
  2. Astral Projection experiences
  3. Astral Projection for beginners

What is an Astral Travel Machine?

This is quite simple, an Astral Projection Machine is any device that aids in the practice of Astral Travel or OBE’s. The team at OBEFrance use the world-renowned Pandora Star lamp running various programs to achieve the required frequencies to enter a deep trance type state. Visit here for a brainwave frequencies guide.

Astral Projection YouTube

Watch many hours of fascinating videos on Astral Travel with the use of a PandoraStar Brain Entrainment Lamp used as an Astral Projection Machine on Todds YouTube Channel.

Astral Projection Dangers

So is it safe to Astral Project?

Firstly Astral Projection, Astral Travel and Out-Of-Body experiences are completely natural, they can happen to anyone and have a deep and long history in many cultures around the world. For example, the Astral Body used in Astral Travel has various names from different cultures:

  • Ancient China, it was thankhi.
  • Buddhists referred to it as the rupa.
  • Greeks knew it as eidolon.
  • Hebrews call it ruach.
  • Ancient Britons gave it various terms: fetch, waft, tisk, or fye.
  • Egypt, it’s known as ka.
  • Romans called it larva.
  • Tibet, it’s referred to as the bardo body.
  • Ancient Hindus called it pranamayakosha.
  • Germany, it is Jüdel, Doppel-gänger, or fylgja.

So as you can see, we are not dealing with something new here.

So back to safety and possible dangers. The practice is safe, however, if you have any psychological issues you should avoid it without seeking professional advice.

What are the astral travel dangers?

Astral projection does not have any physical dangers! There can be some psychological effects we can discuss below.





personal growth.

Exhaustion mentally drained?

Scary Visuals

Sleep paralysis

Can you die from an astral projection?

No, you cannot die because you are astral projecting or experience an out of the body episode. The practice does not change you physically in any way.

Astral Travel Machine Blog

Is Astral Projection Real

When the question "Is Astral Projection Really Possible?" gets asked, the scientific community characterise Astral Projection as a Pseudoscience, stating "There is no scientific evidence that there is 'a consciousness' or 'a soul' which is separate from normal neural...

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Astral Projection Experiences

Once again Science has an alternative view on the Experiences of Astral Projection stating: "Astral projection is an entertaining and harmless pastime that can seem profound, and in some cases even life-changing. But there's no evidence that out-of-body-experiences...

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Astral Projection Guide

In this video Guide to successful Astral Travel by Todd Acamesis, Todd goes into a 3 step technique to help you achieve an Out-Of-Body Experience, this video is designed to help beginners although Todd does touch on some more advanced teachings during his presentation.

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