According to various theories, the Mandela effect is evidence of implanted memories or parallel universes. Psychology, on the other hand, would say we’re just recalling fabricated and distorted memories. Personally, I think we can and do experience glitches in the matrix, which to me, is just another sign that we’re living in a constructed reality that has a control system in place – designed to influence our human evolution.

On a superficial level, the control system that hides our double lives in parallel worlds is mostly hidden by a cultural trance created by the narratives of mainstream religion and science, which are part of the control system for human evolution. Though I would go further and say…darker forces are influencing us too. Forces who employ mind control systems to cast a spell of spiritual amnesia over us – to make us forget our multidimensional heritage.

However, what I find deeply interesting is, same as with UFO abductees and using hypnosis to get beyond the screen memories implanted to cover over the real experience. Throughout of body experiences, we can access memories, information, and dimensions beyond the control system of our reality.

But it goes deeper than this…

Uncovering screen memories through hypnosis and accessing deeper layers of self through out-of-body experiences shows us that some parts of the human mind are inaccessible to the control system, which is an indication these dark forces are not as powerful as they’ve conditioned us to believe.

As such, regardless of how our minds have been controlled in the past. We’re not being held back by what happened in the past. We’re being held back by what we’re not doing in the present.

Make your overriding purpose in the world – to find ways to love and be loved…

Ask the loving Universe to guide you in applying love to the same level or greater than where fear is currently being applied in your life and in the world!