I’ll be waking up at 4am for a wake-back-to-bed (WBTB) astral projection session that will involve a special breath work practice I’m designing for OBE France 2018, to suppress CO2 levels (a potential precursor to dream formation).

The breath work will be followed by freshly juiced celery for its naturally occurring sodium (potential correlation of DMT release with greater sodium levels in the brain), plus a range of other beneficial supplements, followed by a session with my new PandoraStar two lamp system that I’ve set up on F-DECK for the purpose of potentially stimulating the production of endogenous DMT.

The partition board will allow me to work with both hemispheres of the brain independently during the session…first a burst of slower, alpha-band activity over the left eye to quite the neurons in the right hemisphere, which can lead to a burst of gamma waves then simultaneously run 250 Hz over both eyes with slow theta and delta waves (a combination thought to correlate with DMT release and waking sleep paralysis. All I’ve got to say is…its gonna be an interesting night lol.