In my visions of the future, I’ve seen families using advanced technologies to explore together beyond the illusory veils between worlds for the purpose of exploring our multidimensional heritage. Shifting from the earth plane upon sleep, making jumps to the great Astral cities to visit loved ones living in the afterlife communities, to train in the esoteric learning schools, to rejuvenate in the ancient healing environments. Then returning to our bodies upon waking, feeling more grounded, alive and connected to something bigger.

As we consciously strengthen the connection between our physical bodies and our astral bodies, the more we feel the energy of Who and What We Really Are – cutting deep into this level of reality…allowing us to release all fear of death and focus on living.

This weekend, I took a big step in exploring beyond the earth plane with my own family as I trained my youngest daughter in the art of astral projection. Using the new techniques I’ll be teaching at OBE FRANCE 2018, my 12-year old daughter was able to experience deep immersion in an altered state, where she experienced the vibrational state on her first attempt. No doubt the certainty she felt of having her experienced father and step-mother by her side, enabled her to achieve such a great first result.

In the short 30-second video above, you can catch a glimpse of my new PandoraStar two lamp system that I’ve set up on F-DECK for the purpose of potentially stimulating the production of endogenous DMT. This two lamp system uses experimental software that allows the lamps to exceed their normal upper limit of 200 Hz. The partition board enables me to work with both hemispheres of the brain independently.