Timing is important, especially when dealing with the deep dimensions of reality beyond the physical earth plane, where we receive divine guidance in the form of intuition, as well as connect with – the source of Who and What We Really Are.

Learning to highly synchronise with the guiding forces of the Universe, can have a profound effect on our spiritual practices and our everyday lives. As such, to ensure the most favourable circumstances for those participating in OBE France, the dates have been carefully chosen to coincide with a measurement of time based in astronomy known as, local Sidereal time.

In 1931, Karl Jansky of the Bell Telephone Laboratories was carrying out experiments with an advanced radio antenna to track down all the noise sources causing problems for the newly developed shortwave radiotelephone systems. One perplexing source of radio static could not be explained…until Jansky made a key observation. The static would steadily peak four minutes earlier day after day. The unknown radio source was keeping perfect time not with some daily occurrence on Earth, but with the passage of the stars overhead, reaching a maximum every 23 hours 56 minutes, once every sidereal day.

In 1997, James Spottiswoode, a trained physicist, working for The Cognitive Science Laboratory in Palo Alto, California, gathered data on 1468 published ESP trials, and to his surprise found that, whatever the effect being measured was, it more than tripled when the local Sidereal time (LST) was near 13:30. Could it be a fluke? Spottiswoode went back to the drawing board: he tested his finding by collecting another 1015 trials from different experiments, i.e. a validation set. The peak of his validation set occurred at the same time. Putting the two together, the data seem to tell us that ESP is more than four times as effective in a rather narrow window that rises and falls near 13:30 local Sidereal time.

Since 1999, I’ve practised remote viewing at 13.30 local Sidereal time when possible, because a 400% increase in psychic ability, lead to many phenomenal results. As such, I’ve carefully calculated when 13.30 local Sidereal time will coincide with another important time period 90-minutes prior to sunrise, which is reported in the Vedic tradition as being…the ideal time for doing spiritual practices as high levels of prana (vital life force energy); is adequately present in the atmosphere.

As such, OBE France will provide participants with potent astral projection tools for making the most of this extraordinary Synchronisation of time phenomena, including a powerful OBE mantra, designed to be used while simultaneously moving vital energy (prana, chi) up from one of the major energy storage centres in the abdomen, to the crown chakra.

More details coming soon for what will be an amazing astral projection nine day intensive in France…