Mind-Blowing Lectures

148185_10151095848171734_1649545908_nMind-blowing lectures detailing a complete overhaul of the current understanding of multidimensional reality (this is going to turn everything you’ve learned about reality – upside down); revelations about time travel and everyday humans who are time travellers; the uncovering of nonhuman technology that saturates the Earth Plane in a magnetic force designed to distract you from experiencing higher consciousness by keeping your “illusions” in tact (the never ending story in your head that tells you “I’m not good enough”, which keeps you stuck in old limiting behaviour patterns).


Exclusive Technology

PandoraStar Deep Trance Meditation Machines for assisting you in experiencing unprecedented brainwave entrainment; nowhere else in the world is neuro-technology of this class being used in workshop environments (users of this computer-controlled interaction with light have reported experiencing full on psychedelic states, spontaneous out-of-body experiences, pineal gland stimulation and Third Eye activation)

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Powerful Techniques

Free-Guided-Meditation-1024x557Advanced induction training for inducing out-of-body experiences and astral travel, using a combination of physical body relaxation techniques and energy body stimulation techniques, plus other progressive and experimental teachings for triggering experiences

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High-Tech 3D Sound

Screen-Shot-2012-10-12-at-8.28.39-PMHigh-tech 3D surround sound technology for creating a disorientating training environment that confuses the physical senses and induces “behaviour immobility” (the backdoor to out-of-body experiences).

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World-Class Speakers

Four world-class OBE authors and speakers plus one secret speaker have been invited to give evening lectures during the 9-day experience…

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