Mind-Blowing Lectures

Mind-blowing lectures detailing a complete overhaul of the current understanding of multidimensional reality (this is going to turn everything you’ve learned about reality – upside down)…

Exclusive Technology

PandoraStar Deep Trance Meditation Machines for assisting you in experiencing unprecedented brainwave entrainment; nowhere else in the world is neuro-technology of this class being used in workshop environments (users of this computer-controlled interaction with light have reported experiencing full on psychedelic states, spontaneous out-of-body experiences, pineal gland stimulation and Third Eye activation)

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Powerful Techniques

Advanced induction training for inducing out-of-body experiences and astral travel, using a powerful technique centred around a 90-minute period before sunrise.

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Divine Timing

Two important time factors that make March 2018, the most powerful month of the year for Astral Projection practice…

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Private Chateau

And to make sure this 9-day astral projection intensive is a truly immersive, distraction free experience, a beautiful chateau tucked away in private grounds, in rural France, has been made available on an exclusive basis for this event (see photos below).

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